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 Triple H interview

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PostSubject: Triple H interview   Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:36 pm

Quote :
HHH on top guys leaving and new guys stepping up, and whether it affects him:"It does. I'd been in the ring a million times with a lot of the guys who left. Now, when you look at Wade Barrett or The Miz, these are guys that I've never been in the ring with. Do I know them? Sure, I see them all the time, but from an in-ring standpoint, I just know them the way everybody else knows them. I've never had my hands on them."

His upcoming return:"If I can't do this the way I feel like I should be able to, then I want to be done. And I don't want to come back here and tarnish that. I don't want to do the nostalgia run where I come out and say I'm the greatest in the world."

Wanting to be that guy:"There was a time when I would have argued that I was the best in the business. When I don't feel like I can perform at that level, I don't want to do it anymore. I don't want to be just a guy in the ring. I want to be the guy in the ring."

How his next run will differ from his previous runs:"In the past, my goal was just becoming WWE champion or World Hvt. champion. But, there's a certain time when you get beyond that. Shawn moved beyond that... I don't have to be contending for a championship. Undertaker doesn't have to be in contention. We've moved beyond needing a title to prove that we're the best. That's where I am now. (John) Cena will eventually be there." Triple H went on to talk about how he and The Undertaker are the last two veterans left in the WWE locker room. He mentioned how there were "20 veterans and three green guys" when he started and "now, you walk into our locker room and there are 30 green guys and two veterans."


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Most decorated Champion in history
Most decorated Champion in history

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PostSubject: Re: Triple H interview   Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:38 pm

so Kane, Edge, Christian and Big Show aren't veterens and the likes of Punk, Orton etc are all what he classes as green?

nice to know its seems he's moving away from prolonged time in the main event though
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PostSubject: Re: Triple H interview   Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:19 pm

I wouldn't class any of them as veterans in the same that Triple H and Undertaker are, Haitch and Taker have been main evented for I would say at least 10 years, and more in the case of Taker but none of those have really even come close to the same.

They're not green, but they aren't veterans in the same way.
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PostSubject: Re: Triple H interview   

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Triple H interview
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