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 The Road to Summerslam (will contain spoilers leading to the event).

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Most decorated Champion in history

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PostSubject: The Road to Summerslam (will contain spoilers leading to the event).   Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:03 am

Firstly, it will be 4 hours long. Now we are 4 weeks away but at the minute I can see a lot of video packages and guest appearances. Onto the matches.

We have undertaker v Brock Lesnar confirmed. This can either be awesome or terrible - depending on takers physical condition. If they get 20minures out of him then great. I like how Umdertaker has given the reason for coming back. Sick of hearing lesnar (more so Heyman) banging on about taking the undefeated streak at Wreatlemania. Simple but effective. Good booking.

It's looking like Rollins v Cena for the title. Even though they fought last week on Raw in not against this but Rollins needs a clean win to keep him a creditable champion. I like how this has being booked too. cena telling Rollins he's a coward and all the Cena "the champ is here" stuff works. If rollins looses then we could see a possible cash in from Sheamus.

Speaking of Shameus, he'll probably have a date with Randy Orton. Booking wise no great thought as it just falls into place.

Kevin Owens v Cesaro. Booking wise not a lot to go on. Owens cost cesaro the U.S. title. Cesaro interferes in Owens match and so on. But this could - and probably will - be the match of the night. A wrestling master class. The IWC will cream themselves.

Wyatt and Harper against Reigns and Ambrose. Hope this doesn't happen. Again logic booking. Am rose wants to help his friend. I'd like to see Reigns v Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match but that PPV is a few month away. Anyway, a possible Luke Harper return to the family would help me like the match (not sure how long he is out for) but not much. There needs to be some type of match other than a 'wrestling' match.

A lot of potential matches I wouldn't mind seeing but not sure if they will go for them.

Champion v champion match with Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks. Winner gets both titles.

New Day with a tag title opportunity but I think it could be a 4way for the belts.

I'd like to see a ladder arch between stardust and Neville. Not sure what they could go for mind, a possible IC title match.

So I'm quietly confident Summerslam could be PPV of the year.

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The Road to Summerslam (will contain spoilers leading to the event).
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