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PostSubject: nWo   Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:31 pm

Is it wrong to want to hear the words "The nWo never dies, it just takes on different forms to hide in plain sight" on WWE tv during the new era?

Just when people don't expect a big storyline, to really shake shit up. Scott Hall is knocking around backstage every so often, and the handing of the too sweet baton would break the internet in two.

Casually put down all failed storylines to the nWo trying to create a split in WWE (okay that bit is a joke). But work Shane seizing some power from Steph and the whole Vince blackmail that went nowhere into it, and now they can divide and conquer, like what the nWo does

or have I been drinking too many Russo and Coke's? feel free to shoot it down if you hate this kind of thing in wrestling, but I do love when wrestling takes over other media because of storylines, rather than attendance records, concussions, or racist Hulk Hogan's

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